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37 Sensor Kit

Set with 37 sensors for use with Arduino or other microcontrollers.


  • Small passive buzzer module
  • 2-color LED module
  • Hit sensor module
  • Vibration switch module
  • Photo resistor module
  • Key switch module
  • Tilt switch module
  • 3-color full-color LED SMD modules
  • Infrared emission sensor module
  • 3-color LED module
  • Mercury open optical module
  • Yin Yi 2-color LED module 3MM
  • Active buzzer module
  • Temperature sensor module
  • Automatic flashing colorful LED module
  • Mini magnetic reed module
  • Hall magnetic sensor module
  • Infrared sensor receiver module
  • Class Bihor magnetic sensor
  • Magic light cup module
  • Rotary encoder module
  • Optical broken module
  • Detect the heartbeat module
  • Reed module
  • Obstacle avoidance sensor module
  • Hunt sensor module
  • Microphone sound sensor module
  • Laser sensor module
  • 5V relay module
  • Temperature sensor module, alalog
  • Temperature sensor module, digital
  • Linear magnetic Hall sensors
  • Flame sensor module
  • Sensitive microphone sensor module
  • Temperature and humidity sensor module
  • XY-axis joystick module
  • Metal touch sensor module

25.32 USD

4 pcs. in stock.


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