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Away from May 10th to May 17th

Orders received while we are away, will ship on monday the 20th.
Posted May 9. 2019

CAD files for aluminum profiles

We have uploaded 3D and 2D CAD files for all our aluminum profiles. Download.
We are working on adding CAD files for all our products and will upload as they are ready.
Posted January 18. 2019

New shopping cart solution working well

We'v had less issues than expected with the new website and everything appares to be working fine.
Posted January 18. 2019

New website

We ran into some limitations and issues with our old shopping cart solution, so we decided to replace it with a new custom solution.
Our new site was built from scratch, which is great because we can customize it just the way we like it. Unfortuenatly it also means there can be some minor bugs which needs to be found and fixed.
Posted December 30. 2018

Laser cutting service

We now offer a laser cutting and engraving service. The available materials include MDF, plywood and acrylic.
Our website gives instant quotes. Why not try it?
Posted December 30. 2018