8266Wing Arduino WiFi shield

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8266Wing Arduino WiFi shield

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Product Information

The 8266Wing is an Arduino compatible WiFi shield.

The Kickstarter has ended, but you will be be able to purchase it here as soon as I have shipped all the Kickstarter rewards and have more boards in stock.

For more information about the WiFi shield and some projects made using it, see my Hackaday.io page.


Wireless 8266 library v1.01

Freezer monitor – Measures the tempeature in a freezer and uploads the data to Thingspeak using WiFi.

IoT Chandelier – Controls the brightness of an LED chandelier using an app.

8266Wing schematic and design files:
ESP8266Wing shield design files v1.2 25Jan15 – Schematic, board layout, BOM

Quick start quide

Plug the 8266Wing into your Arduino and connect power to the 8266Wing using the screw terminal labeled 5V in.

Plus and minus is labled on the board and it has reverse polarity protection.The recomended input voltage is 5-7V. (4.75 to 15 can work, but as the voltage increase the regulator will get hot and you need make sure it doesn’t overheat.)

The current consumption can be up to 225mA, this is more than an Arduino can supply so it should NOT be connected to 5V on the Arduino. Typical power consumption is lower, usually 40-120mA.

You will need to download the library and install it.
How to install Arduino libraries

I recomend also downloading the examples and look at the code, modifying the working code is probably the quickest way to get started.

Library documentation

The library is documented in the library source code (Wireless.cpp). The comments are detailed and written to be useful for anyone using the library, not only those modifying it.

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