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New Products: 40x40mm V-profiles

New arrivals: 40x40mm profiles with V-shaped slots. Available with clear and black anodizing.

Posted: 2021-01-30 07:27:01, last updated:2021-01-30 07:27:01

Finished moving to new server

We have finished moving the site to the new server and everything appares to work :)

Posted: 2020-09-25 01:23:13, last updated:2020-09-25 04:06:54

Lower shipping fees (mostly)

We have reduced the shipping fee for all orders sent as letter mail by approximately 20%.

The shipping fee for international orders sent by parcel mail has also been reduced by 10% to 30% depending on weight and destination.

The shipping fees are specified in NOK and converted to other currencies based on the latest exchange rate. Since the NOK has lost a lot of value recently, your savings will be even greater. For example a one kg package now costs ~25€ anywhere in europe with each aditional kg costing only ~2€.

There is one exception to the happy news, the cost of DHL Express shipping has increased.

Posted: 2020-05-10 11:18:57, last updated:2020-07-07 08:09:40