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Accessories for Profiles
  Corners and angle brackets
  Covers for profiles
  Joining plates for profiles
  Other Accessories
  Parts for use with V-aluminum
  Screws/nuts for 6mm profiles
  Screws/nuts for 8mm profiles
Aluminum Profiles
  Angle aluminum
  Flat/rectangular aluminum
  Other profiles
  Round aluminum
  T-Aluminum Profiles
  V-Aluminum Profiles
Cables and accessories
  Cable Drag Chains
  CNC and Automation
  Electronics for Rockets
  Relays and Relay Modules
Fans and Cooling
GT2 Belts and Components
Hand Tools
Laser Cutting/Engraving
Lead Screws and accessories
Motors and accessories
  Closed loop stepper motors
  DC Motor Controllers
  NEMA17 Stepper Motors
  NEMA23 Stepper motors
  NEMA34 Stepper motors
  Stepper Drivers
Power Supplies
  12 Volt
  24 Volt
  36 Volt
  48 Volt
  5 Volt
  For DIN-rail
  Multiple Output Voltages
Protective Equipment
Scews and nuts

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New Products: 40x40mm V-profiles

New arrivals: 40x40mm profiles with V-shaped slots. Available with clear and black anodizing.

Posted: 2021-01-30 07:27:01, last updated:2021-01-30 07:27:01

Finished moving to new server

We have finished moving the site to the new server and everything appares to work :)

Posted: 2020-09-25 01:23:13, last updated:2020-09-25 04:06:54

Lower shipping fees (mostly)

We have reduced the shipping fee for all orders sent as letter mail by approximately 20%.

The shipping fee for international orders sent by parcel mail has also been reduced by 10% to 30% depending on weight and destination.

The shipping fees are specified in NOK and converted to other currencies based on the latest exchange rate. Since the NOK has lost a lot of value recently, your savings will be even greater. For example a one kg package now costs ~25€ anywhere in europe with each aditional kg costing only ~2€.

There is one exception to the happy news, the cost of DHL Express shipping has increased.

Posted: 2020-05-10 11:18:57, last updated:2020-07-07 08:09:40